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This online Directory of Programs allows you to search the Illinois Community College Board’s statewide database of instructional programs offered by the 48 community colleges in Illinois. The Directory includes information on Baccalaureate/Transfer programs, Career and Technical Education Degree and Certificate programs, and Adult Basic/Secondary Education & English as Second Language programs. The program information provided here is of a broad nature. Please contact the community college directly for more detailed information on a college-specific program title.

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For students interested in community colleges, a student's residency classification, i.e. zip code, determines the tuition rate a student will pay. Illinois residents are eligible for a reduced "in-district" tuition at their district community college because local property taxes help support the college. This is in accordance with Illinois Community College Board and Illinois Public Community College Act rules.

Residency is defined as the place where a student lives and is intended as a permanent home. To be eligible for in-district tuition a student must have lived at a residence located inside a community college district at least thirty days prior to the beginning of the semester term. Students that are not establishing permanent residence and move into the district for the purpose of attending a community college or other post-secondary institution in the district, do not meet the in-district residency policy.

All Illinois residents that do not meet the in-district residency requirements are classified as out-of-district and must pay the out-of-district tuition. Exceptions to pay in-district for out-of-district students can occur. An example is the CAREER Agreement, which allows students in Career and Technical Education programs to study at out-of-district colleges under certain conditions. To determine eligibility for an exception, the student should contact the in-district community college. Appropriate form completion and authorization will then be required by the in-district community college.

Students should visit a college's website to explore course and program offerings and locations to help meet educational goals. Illinois community colleges offer a variety of course and program opportunities to meets student needs. College instruction is provided on a college's main campus but courses and programs may also be offered through college outreach and/or satellite campuses within the district. Additionally, colleges offer some courses and programs online as an alternative to traditional on-site, face-to-face instruction.

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