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Data and Characteristics of the
Illinois Public Community College System

Comprehensive data books have been collaboratively produced by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) in partnership with the Illinois Community College System for nearly three decades.  This internet portal contains data and characteristics of the Illinois public community college system and is designed to serve as a reference document.  The data are obtained primarily from college MIS submissions.  Several data book tables summarize information from more detailed reports that have been published separately.   The objective of this internet portal is to provide useful summaries of data by community college district in one reference document.

In keeping with the Illinois Community College System’s interest in improving transparency and accountability, the major tables from the data book are now available via this internet portal using an Excel spreadsheet format.  Excel was selected because it is among the most widely used microcomputer software packages.  In the hands of an experienced user, Excel spreadsheets open up an array of sorting and analytical tools that are embedded in the software.  Sufficient formatting has been done to the tables to make the documents easy to use for individuals with little or no experience with Excel.  Using the internet portal as a delivery mechanism will also help ICCB provide information more quickly to interested parties.

Getting Started -- To navigate the website,  using the menu in the upper left corner of this page, left click on the fiscal year of interest (I.e., 2010 Databook or 2009 Databook) and then select (left click) one of the five sections. 

Section I          Fall Student Characteristics
Section II         Faculty and Staff Data
Section III        Annual Enrollment and Completion Data
Section IV        Financial Data
Section V         Facilities Data

The titles of the tables in that section will appear as clickable links.  Left click on the table of interest, left click on “Open”, and a formatted Excel spreadsheet will appear.  Tables can be printed or saved to your computer using the routine Excel menu driven commands.  People new to Excel can left click on the “?” mark in the top upper right to receive help with the steps for saving files to the hard drive and printing documents.

Add a Link to Your Desktop – An easy environmentally friendly way to have handy access to Data and Characteristics of the Illinois Community College System in the future is to add a link to your desktop.  (For example, using Internet Explorer – point the cursor on the upper left top line menu and left click on \”File”\”Send”\”Shortcut to Desktop”).

Questions – If you have questions about the Data and Characteristics tables please contact the following individuals –

Technical Issues  – Chris.J.Russell@Illinois.Gov
Sections I, II and III –  Students and Employees –  Nathan.Wilson@Illinois.Gov
Sections IV –   Fiscal Ellen.Andres@Illinois.Gov
Section V –   Facilities – Ed.S.Smith@Illinois.Gov

Locating the Nearest College – A tool for identifying the community college closest to a specific location is available at the following link

Thank you for your interest in the Illinois Community College System – We hope you enjoy the interactive format and welcome suggestions for improving the portal.  Special acknowledgement goes to local community college officials for their assistance in providing the data and information needed to compile these tables.  Institutional researchers, information technology professionals, financial officers, facilities managers, officials from admission and records, human resource professionals, and others all make important contributions.  If you have requests for other data or suggestions for additions or deletions, please contact the ICCB office – Nathan.Wilson@Illinois.Gov.